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Small Steps, Big Gain

When you’re a solopreneur all the things fall on your plate, and it can be overwhelming. Setting up a website, launching a weekly business thought/tip email, searching for networking opportunities, and most importantly looking for new clients and customers.

I started my business at the very beginning of the ‘Rona confusion. This uncertainty, coupled with my strong resistance to asking for referrals from friends and family led to a drought of phone calls to make and people to meet. My coach was having me track my dials, reaches, appointments set, appointments ran, and lives changed. For anyone who has been in sales, knowing your numbers is critical to your success. Unfortunately, mine were all zeros, which equaled zero success.

This drought had to change. So over the past six months, I’ve been intentional about questioning my resistance to basic sales practices. I noticed that my resistance was wrapped up in how I perceived salespeople, like they only saw me as a giant dollar sign. I didn’t want to be that person that was after the next dollar. But a sustainable business needs clients.

After some discussion, my coach and I went small. In addition to recording my other numbers, we added asking for referrals and getting referrals to the tracking sheet. These two actions fuel the others, which lead to new clients to help make their dreams come true. Since starting to track these small actions, I’ve had some big gains. My confidence is growing, I’ve gotten two new clients, and had several people make introductions for me.

Sometimes we have to go small to get big returns. Is there something simple you’re resistant to doing that is preventing you from growing your business? I challenge you to work through it with the help of a coach, friend, or colleague.

Believe that your worth the breakthrough and take one or two small actions to fuel your success!

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