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Leadership coaching is for small business owners, community leaders, clergy, solopreneurs, and salespeople who want to make the most of work and life.

Move Forward With Confidence

At Dream Big Coaching, we know leadership has its challenges. Over the past two years, a lot has changed in how we lead and what is important to people. 


Leadership coaching helps you move forward with confidence by giving you a confidential setting for self-discovery, goal setting, planning, and decision making.


You'll identify what is important to you now and the steps to take to create meaningful change in your life and accomplish your goals. 


Coaching Helps

Dollar Sign
Alarm Clock
Gain Time
Increase Income
Girl with Flower
Reduce Stress

Additional Benefits of Coaching

  • Creative decision making

  • Calculated risk taking

  • More effective communication

  • Higher productivity

  • Self-discovery

  • Goal achievement

What to talk about in a coaching session?

  • Realistic goal setting and accomplishment 

  • Pivoting your business and decision making

  • Starting something new and how to move forward authentically

  • Succession planning

  • Creating effective habit stacking

  • Practices for self-discovery

  • Work-life balance and overwhelm

  • Identifying where you're stuck

Coaching Works

Dream Big Coaching's founder, Karen Weiss, knows that coaching works. She's coached people from various industries, including IT, real estate, and engineering, and has seen the amazing results coaching provides. Karen began coaching small business and community leaders in 2014 and launched Dream Big Coaching LLC in February 2020. 

Here's what two of our clients say about working with Dream Big Coaching.

I am a procrastinator, over thinker and often afraid to commit to what is needed next.  Coaching has helped me find a better work-life balance, define business success and more rapidly make decisions to move my business forward.”  B.H., IT Consultant 

"Meeting with Karen has been the best decision I've made this year! Coaching provides the opportunity to navigate change and gather information for decision making with someone (Karen) who has no agenda besides assisting the client's discovery of the right way forward." K.H., Real Estate Agent

Make it happen!

Ready to make your dreams a reality with personalized, one-on-one coaching?

Take these steps now!


Schedule a Session

Schedule a free 30-minute session with us so we can get to know you and help you clarify your dreams and goals.

Pencil and notepad

Pick a Plan

After your free session, you'll pick a coaching plan to make your goals a reality.

Man Reaching Star

Get Results

Make the most of your work and life by taking action on specific and measurable commitments developed in each coaching session.

Coaching Packages

Four-Month Coaching Package*

Are you looking to get organized, set priorities, or develop a vision for work and life? Four months of two, fifty-minute coaching sessions per month will help you clarify your dreams and develop an in-depth action plan to quickly achieve wins.

$300/month for four months.

Six-Month Coaching Package*

Are you looking to level up, increase personal productivity, or develop personalized systems to help you thrive? Six months of two, fifty-minute coaching sessions per month will help you clarify your dreams, develop an in-depth action plan, and get results quickly. $300/month for six months.


*These packages are for individual clients. Please contact us for our corporate rates.

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