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Enough People

Part of my coaching work involves helping organizations make decisions and influence change. I am privileged to work with leaders from many different backgrounds and life experiences. One local (and small) organization with whom I’m working is deciding whether to leave their global affiliate and become their own non-profit.

In this decision-making process, it’s become clear that there are questions that need to be answered before they are willing to move forward and leave their parent organization. One of these questions is whether they have enough staff to make a go of it.

It’s interesting to me that this question seems to reverberate throughout the business and non-profit worlds right now. I’ve seen the results of short-staffing at my local gas station and local non-profits are having a difficult time getting volunteers. When decision-making, we must choose based on what’s in front of us and what is real, in the moment. Making strategic decisions based solely on hope isn’t very strategic.

Adequate staffing is just one issue of many that businesses are having right now. And leaders make decisions with quantitative data and a vision of what we want the organization to be.


  • What is the top factor in the decision-making I’m doing right now?

  • Does this factor need to change before moving forward? If so, how?

Stay curious friends!

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