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Something for Me

In Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” she leads the reader through a twelve-week self-discovery course designed to help tap into our innate creativity. One of the two things required every week is the “artist’s date.” This is something you do alone, once a week, and it’s just for you.

The two times I’ve gone through this book, the thing I struggled with most was the artist’s date. I couldn’t figure out what to do by myself that would bring me joy and spark my curiosity. The “dates” all felt contrived and inauthentic.

So I’ve reframed the concept to be “what can I do for myself that will bring me joy, peace, or contentment?”

I took tap and jazz as a kid and LOVED it. I’ve been taking adult tap for a few years now and it certainly works to develop my mind-body connection and bring me joy. Tap has been wonderful, but I felt myself wanting more. Wanting more movement and grace in my life. Wanting more physical and mental strength and stability and balance.

So I’ve signed up for adult beginning ballet and I know it’s going to be fabulous. At the time of writing, I’ve been to one class, and it was amazing to be there for me, in a sea of pink tights and black leotards.


  • What can I do for myself that brings joy, peace, or contentment?

  • How can I honor the desire for something more in my life?

Stay curious friends!

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