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Transformational Space

It’s been three months for us in Pennsylvania since we went on “the ‘Rona” lockdown and many places are beginning to open back up again. Centre County is now in the green zone (masks and physical distancing still required) and where my parents live went to yellow zone on Friday. Physically we’re opening up, but it seems to me that we have an even greater opportunity to open up personally: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a coach, I’m in the service of others’ transformation. I help people grow, thrive, and become the people they want to be. I journey with people who want to see their work expand to make a difference in the world. In the midst of COVID-19, protesting, riots, and general uneasiness about where 2020 is headed, we have run head-first into a perspective shift of infinite proportion. So many people I talk with are checking their bias, looking for ways of reaching out, and wondering how they can live their lives with additional kindness and compassion. They are noticing they have a choice to stay the same or grow.

Not everyone is going to grow in the same way, but 2020 has become transformational space that is providing the opportunity to become better humans. We are offered an amazing opportunity to let go of old and outdated ways of seeing the world, others, and ourselves. We are invited to cast off the shackles of hate and division and take up the refrain of universal dignity. We are nudged to identify specific ways that living out of alignment with our calling and purpose is sucking the life out of us.

This year, as tremendous and terrible as it’s been, is wooing us with space. Space that opens us to shifting priorities, renewed clarity, and crystalized vision of how we want our lives to look and feel. I am invited to participate in this transformational space that will rework my inner landscape in ways I cannot imagine but am excited for. You are invited to actively participate in your inner and outer transformation. We all are being invited to brilliantly open to the space within to see our deepest desires acknowledged and shine forth.

How are you being bold and courageous by taking one step forward in this transformational work?

Send us an email or comment on how you are shifting during this time. We love to hear your stories of transformation!

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