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What Is Driving My Decision Making?

Decision making can seem straight forward until we’re stressed, overwhelmed, or fearful. One of the things I like to consider when making a decision is: What internal and/or external messages are driving my decision?

Since we’re under a stay-at-home order in Pennsylvania until the end of April, one of the questions I think about when I run out of a food product is, “Do I need to go to the store today?” It’s a question I didn’t think about at all before COVID-19. Now I ponder this question multiple times a day! The internal messages I’m receiving are as follows: you need more ketchup right now! Uh oh, you’re almost out of almond milk! Bread’s running low! Survival is uncertain unless you go get these things today! (do you hear fear yet?) The external messages I’m getting include being around other people is dangerous! Don’t touch anything! We need to be scared of imminent death and a lack of toilet paper during our demise. It’s more fear and panic.

I don’t like to operate from a place of fear, so I put these messages in my mental trash bin and look for what is true and accurate in these times. First truth: I am not going to die if I don’t have ketchup, twenty-four rolls of toilet paper, or almond milk. Second truth: I don’t need to go to the store every day, and right now it’s better for me and my family if I don’t. Third truth: my routines and habits can change and must change for the time being.

When I remind myself of these truths, I realize I can wait to go to the store for a couple days until the grocery list is a bit longer. Decision making from a place of fear is detrimental in both the short and long term. Our business decisions can be handled in much the same way, looking at our internal and external messaging and then deciding what is true, accurate, and actionable.

If you’re having trouble deciphering what is true during this stressful time, contact us today to schedule your free thirty-minute coaching session!

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