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Thinking Blue

Strange blue painting with reflective colors that looks a bit like ice or a close up of a green and blue frozen landscape

What do you think of when you ponder the color blue?

Do you think of water? Clarity? Trustworthiness? The color blue is associated with wisdom, logic, and trust. “Out of the blue” is a common saying used when something happens unexpectedly. You can probably guess that this next triad is the head triad, or Blue Pearl! This triad includes Enneagram Types 5, 6, and 7.

Head triad types are motivated by thoughts, categorization, and thinking. When Blue Pearls walk into a room, they rely on their minds to consider where they want to sit or who they want to talk to. Yes, they listen to their bodies and hearts, but their primary motivation and driver is their mind.

This use of the mind is coupled with an inherent and unconscious perception of separateness. Head triad types see with their minds how they are separate and how there are many different and distinct parts around them. Blue Pearls tend to categorize and label because they are seeking safety and security, not to make an impact like Red Pearls. Head triad folks want to be secure. However, it can be difficult to be secure when there is a foundational perceived separateness in the world.

Head triad types are often the people who will do lots of research before making a decision, they identify all of the potential safety hazards with any idea and come up with contingency plans, or they could be very optimistic and want lots of options to not feel trapped.

Their first reaction is often fear (unconsciously named), which can express itself as consistent anxiety or worry. All triad types can have anxiety; however, a head triad type’s anxiety will originate in their minds and they will often unconsciously tabulate and run scenarios to achieve a feeling of safety or security.

A head triad type’s work is to transform their fear into courage, being willing and able to take action even when their preferred level of security (whether knowledge, group support, or having lots of options) is not met.

Questions to for self-discovery:

  • What parts of this head triad description resonate with me?

  • What seems foreign or not like me?

Stay curious friends!

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