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New Opportunities

I mentioned several weeks ago that I went to a workshop at the Rodale Institute, looking to receive questions to ask myself. One of the questions I came away with was “What questions am I afraid to ask myself?”

One of those questions I have been afraid to ask myself bubbled up as “What is good in my life that I need to stop doing?” As I’ve continued to ask myself this question, several things have been illuminated. The first “knowing” is that I am being given new and interesting opportunities that require giving up things I do that bring me joy or are good. I need to make choices about where and how I spend my time. The second “knowing” is that even good things sometimes need to stop. Both of these knowings are difficult to admit.

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing this email every week and have been encouraging you for a couple years, this activity needs to stop. New opportunities are rising up and I want to make space for them to develop and grow. I am grateful for your engagement and responses to these emails and hope they’ve given you new perspectives and questions. And maybe this question resonates with you too. What is good in my life that I need to stop doing?

Stay curious friends!

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