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Seeing Red

Binoculars resting on red fabric with red seen through the glass

What do you think of when you ponder the color red?

Do you think of anger? Instinct? Heat? Some other intense feeling or experience? If you did, then you’re understanding the Red Pearl types in the Enneagram. The nine types are broken down into groups of three, or triads. Types 8, 9, and 1 are in the gut/body triad, also known in my Enneagram training from Inner Life Skills as the Red Pearl types.

This triad has their “knowing” in the gut or body. They have an instinctual reaction to things, with their mind and heart having to catch up or rationalize what their body is telling them. They use their minds and listen to their hearts, but their first, instantaneous and often unconscious reaction is in their bodies. When Red Pearls walk into a room, they most likely listen to their gut to decide where to sit or who to talk to.

A gut triad type’s initial reaction is often anger, although they wouldn’t necessarily describe it as that. They might use the words annoying, frustrating, bitter, or resentful to describe their feelings. This anger wells up from an inherent and often unconscious resistance to what is, a pushing back against reality. They are often dissatisfied with the world around them and depending on the archetype, can have a tendency to point out what’s wrong in any situation (whether it’s helpful or not, lol!).

This triad is also very concerned about how they are impacting and being impacted. So between their resistance to what is and this concern for impact, they try to make themselves and the world better in some way. Is a picture frame tilted on a wall? They’ll fix it. Is someone getting in their personal space or seeming to take advantage of them? They’ll point it out. Is someone getting loud or making a scene? They’ll try to make peace quickly.

One of the main paths to growth for a Red Pearl is the ability to accept what is instead of resist or change it.

Questions to for self-discovery:

  • What parts of this gut triad description resonate with me?

  • What seems foreign or not like me?

Stay curious friends!

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