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Feeling Green

A green and yellow swirly abstract painting

We’re on to the heart triad or the Green Pearls. So, what do you think of when you ponder the color green?

Do you think of nature? Growth? Caring for the environment? Yes, to all.

Heart triad folks are most concerned with meeting their emotional needs (which may be unconscious), and when they walk into a room they first connect emotionally to decide what to do and who to talk to first. They also listen to their bodies and use their minds, but their automatic reaction, their motivation, is to determine how they connect emotionally to others around them.

People in the heart triad have an unconscious “yes” ingrained in their archetypes, they want to say yes to people and long to be whole or complete. Sometimes this “yes” can cause a Green Pearl to exaggerate parts of themselves to bring people closer and hide other parts they believe will emotionally distance themselves from others.

Green Pearls can be charismatic, overly helpful, or present themselves as unique because they’re trying to be seen in a way that meets their emotional needs. This triad will often initially feel embarrassment, shame, or low-self worth if other people aren’t responding in the way they want them to or if something doesn’t go their way.

Heart triad types’ growth work is to develop a healthy self-worth where they can value themselves for who they are as human beings, separate from what they do for others, their titles, or how they are perceived.

Questions to for self-discovery:

  • What parts of this heart triad description sound like me?

  • What seems foreign or not like me?

Stay curious friends!

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