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Disappointment and Being a Giant Slug

For many of us, we had big dreams for 2020. I know I did anyway. And the pandemic brought a few of my plans to a screeching halt (mostly the networking and income producing ones!). Events and engagements have been cancelled, I can’t physically meet people for meetings, and I feel a low-grade anxiety most of the time. As we continue staying at home (at least in PA), wearing masks when we go out, and limiting our physical interaction with those outside of our household, the reality of our situation can flood us with disappointment.

Interestingly enough, strong disappointment can have the same effect on us as fear. We can fight, flee, or freeze. But disappointment can evaporate (albeit slowly depending on the situation) by taking an inventory of what we can control and then choosing how we are going to take action.

Last week I was a giant slug. I ate a bunch of food that makes me feel terrible, I didn’t do much exercise, and I sulked around the house between video conferences and phone appointments. I stopped writing in my gratitude journal and stopped speaking my affirmations. But after about three days of that, I was annoying myself. I decided that wallowing in my disappointment was making my life worse. So I decided to set aside time to do something, specifically create a new wireframe/outline for my website (look for a revised website on May 1!) and clean out my office. I needed to do something that made me feel like I fixed an issue or accomplished a goal. I’m not finished with either project, but by Saturday my office will be like a new space AND I’ve shifted my outlook from disappointment to being realistically encouraged that this time is not going to ruin my life forever.

In looking at what I can control and taking action to remedy my disappointment, I realized that I can’t control COVID-19, my elected officials, and a host of other things that are impacting my business right now. What I can control is my attitude and how I perceive my life (again with curiosity!). When feeling disappointment, ask yourself these questions:

· How am I choosing to react to/in this situation?

· How can I be aware of my disappointment, honor it, and then let it go?

· What can I be grateful for every day?

· What action can I take daily to add meaning to my life?

Stay curious friends!

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