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Worth the Wait

Are you good at waiting? If so, I’d like to talk to you about how you do this, because I (and many of my clients) are not good at this important skill.

Leaders are generally change-makers, which means that in addition to many other admirable characteristics and honed talents, they see what could be and want to make it happen. This desire to make change happen can inadvertently cause leaders to force situations instead of waiting to watch things coalesce organically.

In many situations we see the sign indicating “not yet” or “wait.” This “wait” is often wisdom in disguise. Wisdom may be inviting us to slow down, to notice the moving parts and pieces, to give us opportunities to ask for input or different perspectives. In these moments, Wisdom provides insight, guidance, and solutions.


  • How do you watch for Wisdom’s gifts in your life and work?

  • How has waiting for something made the final outcome dramatically better?

Stay curious friends!

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