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Who Is Leading the Parade?

It’s official, 2020 is half over. Geez, what a year it’s been and we still have six months to go!

For me, nothing in 2020 has gone like I thought. I started Dream Big Coaching as an offshoot of another company, thinking that this spring would offer a prime opportunity to network and grow the coaching aspect of my work. COVID19 shut that down almost completely. Instead of business growth, what I’ve encountered within the past week is exhaustion.

Today, July 1, I am making the choice to move forward with hope and curiosity while healing my exhaustion. When I begin from tiredness, the emotional funk doesn’t allow for hope and curiosity. I know I am a better, kinder person when I start with hope and curiosity because I lead from a place of inner freedom, of non-attachment. Space is cultivated in a way that allows all of me to be present, with the life-giving parts of me leading the parade. I must make the decision to begin every day with hope and curiosity leading the parade.

I might not have a clear path towards my definition of success, but I do have the freedom to make choices about who I let lead the parade that can facilitate inner transformation. I can let go of my frustration and disappointment with my grandiose expectations. I can block off “me” time in my schedule and honor it. I can eat for holistic well-being instead of eating to assuage my anxiety and exhaustion.

These choices are a few ways in which we can all honor ourselves while letting the best parts of us lead the parade towards transformation.

Stay curious friends!

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