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We Have the Capacity!

One of my high values is dignity. I believe everything in this universe deserves to be treated with dignity because we’re all created of the same stuff. The carbon in my body could have been from a rice paddy in Thailand 60 years ago, which could have been from a tree in India or water buffalo poo 100 years ago. The water I drank this morning could have been part of a glacier forty years ago, the ocean seventy-five years ago. Along with dignity comes respect and honor. Leading from the value of dignity means that I will respect others, myself, and the world and honor the different ways that express life and creativity.

The more I respect and honor others, myself, and the universe, the greater my actions and presence automatically come from my high value of dignity.

What also happens as I lean into my values is that it gives me an appreciation for those who do not hold the same values as I do. The outcome is that I respect and honor people for their differences. I ask questions about how their values impact their lives and guide their decisions. I try to be curious instead of judgmental about others and myself. Other people’s beliefs and values don’t threaten my identity. I grow stronger and more rooted in how I want to be and what I want to accomplish while helping others do the same.

Being able to view and act from different perspectives is one of our superpowers as human beings. We can intentionally think about how other options might play out, give compassion to others instead of waging war, and work and live with people who are drastically different from us. We have the capacity, but we need to make this sometimes difficult choice.

As leaders, lets move our little slice of the world forward by leaning into our values and respecting the values of others. We can accomplish way more if we work together than if we try to tear each other apart.

What person can you help today who is very different from you?

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