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We Are Multi-Faceted Part 2

Last week we talked about the idea that our vocation is not our primary identity. The reflection prompt was to observe yourself and identify where your identity and vocation get mixed together, then write these things down.

So let’s say you noticed the following things about yourself:

  • I get anxious and feel guilty when I’m not working.

  • I don’t go on vacations because my work is too important (or I bring my work with me on vacation and I’m not present with friends/family).

  • I get down on myself when things don’t go my way at work.

One of the most beneficial things we can do is reframe these unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and then use them like affirmations. Reframing allows us to look at life more positively, see things from a new perspective, and retrain our brain to develop the thought process we want. We won’t change unless we believe something differently about ourselves or a situation. And belief takes time (repetition) and intentionality to shift.

Here are some ideas on how to reframe the above observations:

  • I have a hobby I love, and it brings me deep joy and satisfaction. I am more than my work.

  • I give myself permission to rest. Rest is vital to my health and well-being.

  • I control my attitude, my reactions, and my schedule. I choose to respond to setbacks in a positive manner.

Reflection exercise part 2: take your observations of how you’ve conflated work and identity and reframe them into affirmations or positive statements. Say your affirmations three times every morning. Notice over the week how you’re attitude about who you are is positively changing!

Stay curious, dream big, and take one small step towards reaching your full potential in something else other than vocation!

PS- if you need help reframing your inner narrative, email us for assistance! We'd be so happy to help you take this step towards living a life filled with more satisfaction and joy.

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