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When I think about trajectory, I usually think about a goal or place that is outside of myself. It’s something I’m reaching for that I haven’t done or accomplished yet. It can also be a path to that desired future.

And trajectory for me generally means more. More of something external…more clients, more workshops, more activity to get me where I want to be. All this is true. And it seems that for right now, I’m being invited to less. Maybe this is related to my word for 2023, “quiet.” Maybe it’s the realization that one of the large organizations of which I’m a part is in serious turmoil and the added stress is too much for my current activity.

Regardless of why, I’m noticing that the invitation is to less outward activity. So I have the choice of whether to honor and explore this invitation or set it on the shelf.


  • What invitations or desires are you noticing that are different from what you expected?

  • How might these invitations help you grow?

Stay curious friends!

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