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Time to Regroup

Ever have those moments where you go, “crap! I forgot to do…”?

Today was one of those days for me. I realized it was Wednesday and I hadn’t written my weekly blog. I also realized that last week’s Weekly Wondering wasn’t scheduled, so you’re getting two today!

Several things have changed in my business world since coming back from leave, one of the biggest is that I lost my virtual assistant (VA). Her other business has grown substantially and she’s (wisely) making decisions on what works best for her. Unfortunately for me, having a VA helped keep me accountable to writing and getting work completed by the deadlines I created for myself.

So now I get to regroup, a theme familiar to leaders of all kinds. Nothing goes perfectly most of the time, which gives us opportunities to learn, evaluate, and make strategic decisions that will help our businesses grow.


  • What areas in my business (or life) can I tweak to make it more productive or efficient?

  • What (if any) parts of my business do I need to reevaluate?

Stay curious friends!

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