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Time for Change

Have you noticed people are taking a hard look at their values, priorities, and purpose? It seems like it's time for change. There’s so much moving around logistically, emotionally, professionally…The shutdown, even if you’re still working, has provided a different perspective from which to view life. Some people think the view is great, others not so much, and some are in between. Now that we’ve been physically isolating for the better part of six weeks (at least in my area), people seem to be settling in and are resigned to a different pace and process to life. All the differences could be depressing if we don’t do something with them. This is where coaching comes in.

With coaching, you have a dedicated person on your team that helps you poke and prod these differences. All too often what we learn in crisis is lost if it’s not integrated into our beings through conscious exploration and choice. A professional coach asks questions to help you better reflect on what you’re learning and uncover the hidden gems wanting to shine brightly going forward. It is this combination of reflection and action that makes our personal and professional transformation so powerful, and fast in coaching.

For me, this fast pace of growth increases my desire for coaching. I love getting things done quickly, whether it’s a list of action items or pushing through limiting beliefs. A lot can happen in six months if we are dedicated and focused to make the most of our situations, even during a global pandemic. How are you making the most of this time? What do you want for yourself, family, work, etc. moving forward? Is it time for change?

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