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Three Questions to Growth

This year has been and continues to be disorienting and uncertain. We can revert back into old habits and patterns (even when we thought they were gone) because of the stress and angst internally and externally. We can get caught in the trap of trying to be who we think we need to be as opposed to who we actually are. When we try to lead in ways that don’t jive with our personality, we create a mask that builds barriers between us and our people. We say and do things that aren’t our voice and separate us not only from others but also from ourselves.

As leaders we have the opportunity to continue growing and developing, especially in these uncertain times. One of the ways we can grow is focusing on our whole being, how we are bringing more of ourselves to our work and professional life.

Self-evaluation during times of ambiguity is invaluable. It’s invaluable because we need to consistently check in with who we are and make sure we’re moving towards our goals and desires for who we want to become. Questions such as

· Who do I say that I am? How does this description line up with my actions?

· How am I moving forward at least one aspect of my well-being (financial, physical, spiritual, mental/ emotional, relational)?

· What is one thing I can do to grow or mature in my leadership skills or relational building this week?

Stay curious about yourself!

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