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The Practice of Noticing: Part 1

Our mission at Dream Big Coaching is to help you reach your fulfillment and potential as a leader. Unfortunately, one of the main problems leaders have, especially effective leaders, is that we can get so busy and pulled in so many different directions that we end up letting other people directly and indirectly run our lives.

When we are busy with and distracted by all the details of life, work, projects, and tasks, we run on autopilot. When we run on auto, we don’t pay attention to what’s around us and we miss just about everything. It’s almost like we turn into zombies with zero awareness of our surroundings, emotions, thoughts, or physical being. This is no good.

So what’s the alternative? Noticing. Many people (including me) use food as a coping mechanism. Food becomes the bandage over our feelings so we don’t have to face them. But acknowledging what’s going on inside us is the best possible step for us. Often we don’t realize what we’re doing, until we wake up from the zombie trance and start to be intentional about noticing what’s happening in us.

This includes noticing when we reach for a snack. Noticing why we reach for a snack. Am I bored, stressed, tired, happy, hungry? Noticing what narrative is running through our heads when we reach for a snack. Once we notice and are present to the situation at hand, we can make conscious and intentional choices. But noticing takes practice.

Here's a challenge for you this week: Every day, notice how you ignore or stuff your feelings. It might be with food, exercise, video games, or work. Take the time to notice and be present to yourself. Noticing is the first step in reaching our full potential!

Stay curious friends!

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