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Slightly Off the Beaten Path

Another thing I did while on renewal leave was go to Scotland. I stayed in Inverness for most of the time with a two-day stop in Aberdeen before heading back to Edinburgh to catch our plane.

My Isle of Skye tour group was blessed with exceptional weather and all the people were very punctual, so we got to see more than the average tour. One of the places we visited was this waterfall. Barely a ten-minute walk from a road and in an unnamed location, we got a chance to sit in a quiet and beautiful place that not a lot of others know about. We went slightly off the beaten path and received a beautiful gift.


  • What opportunities am I being given to go slightly off the beaten path to receive a gift?

  • Does something need to change so I can make time to explore these opportunities?

  • Do I need a guide to help me wander?

Stay curious friends!

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