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Happy New Year from Dream Big Coaching LLC!

There are many adages about not living in the past, and we can misinterpret that to mean that we shouldn’t look at the past to inform our future decisions. I’m a highly reflective person and look both to the past and the present to determine my future. In the past week I’ve been doing a retrospective of my 2021. It’s been interesting to see what happened when I wasn’t paying attention. So let’s recap.

Dream Big Coaching impacted more people and significantly increased revenue over 2020. We are on our way to being a profitable and self-sustaining company. This is a fantastic thing! Part of what helped with this was my 2021 word, “consistency.” I was consistent regarding how I used my money and talents to further the business.

Personally, 2021 has been a bit of a different story. I’ve consistently exercised once per week with my trainer since April and have gotten significantly stronger. Hooray! My other life choices, especially when it comes to screen time (including Facebook and watching reruns of The Graham Norton Show) and eating habits have been consistently fair to poor. I’m pretty sure my consistency goal was to be fair to good, not fair to poor!

Reviewing 2021 honestly and openly is helping me identify what aspects of my work and life need to change in order to live into my full potential as a leader and human being. Have you reviewed 2021 yet? If not, this is your challenge.

Questions to ponder:

  • What habits did I keep and/or cultivate in 2021 to make the year a success?

  • Where do my actions need to change for me to reach my full potential in 2022 and beyond?

Stay curious friends!

Make sure you’re listening to season one of the Dream Big Authentic Leadership podcast, found on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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