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My husband and I have this running joke that I want farm animals (highland cows, goats, a llama, etc.) and he says “absolutely not.” I recently saw a video of a miniature highland calf, all of ten days old, and joked with my sister-in-law that it would fit in my carry-on.

In reality, having animals, whether goats or even a pet bunny, isn’t an option right now because of how busy we are. I know this, but sometimes I dream that I’m independently wealthy and can do what I want all the time. What is possible for me is to sit on my porch, in a rocking chair, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, in the moment.


  • What fun things do you dream about, that aren’t an option right now?

  • What fun, restorative, or silly thing can you do this week that is possible?

Stay curious friends!

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