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One Thing at a Time

One of the productivity hacks that seems to work for a good percentage of my clients is making lists. When I was in direct sales, we had our Six Most Important Things list of income producing activities. Get these items done and you’d be successful. Another option is the 3 and 1 list, the three “important” and one “must” items to do today.

When we make lists and work towards accomplishing the tasks, if we’re not focused on one thing at a time, we’re not nearly as productive as we could be. Our brains can’t work on more than one thing at any time. Multitasking is a myth. I’ll say it again: human brains work best when we’re able to focus on one thing.

There are lots of options for how to keep ourselves focused, and one of the things that works best for me has been stopping all notifications on my phone and computer. And for good measure I’ll often put my phone screen-side down. Whatever screen I have up or my coaching client in front of me is what I focus on. The most important thing in this is to limit and remove distractions.


  • How effective am I at accomplishing tasks?

  • What distractions do I need to limit or remove to focus my work and attention?

Stay curious friends!

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