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Not About Gratitude

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In November a lot of inspirational blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts, and memes reflect on the benefits of gratitude and thankfulness. There’s plenty of information about that topic out there, so instead we’re going to talk about kicking a** and taking names.

This will look different depending on your situation. You might have met your goals for the year and want to take a well deserved vacation. Go you! Sometimes relaxing is the hustle. You might have ten more contracts to sign to meet your goal for the year. Keep making those contacts, phone calls, and emails. You may have a skill you want to get better at or a hobby you want to pick up. Keep pursuing it!

The key is to look at the last two months of the year as an opportunity and not a waste. The temptation to say, “I’ll start fresh in January'' is real. It’s also a big pile of dookie. So don’t give in! Imagine how much you can get done in two months! Imagine how many hours of practice, how many phone calls or touches, how many opportunities you could have to meet new people and make connections!

In the last two months of the year I will be applying and studying for the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach credential and finishing up an Enneagram Coach course (more on this later in the month!). I’m working towards goals that will set me up for additional success, regardless of the time of year.

This is the time to keep moving forward with income producing activities. Someone out there needs what you have to offer, so keep after it!

Go you!

Question to ponder:

  • What one or two things could I accomplish in the next two months that are realistic, actionable, and measurable that will make my work and/or life more meaningful, successful, or balanced?

Stay curious friends!

Make sure you’re listening to season one of the Dream Big Authentic Leadership podcast, found on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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