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Making It Happen and Moving On

Last week we identified the Birthers, the people whose optimism and visionary skills can uplift companies to greater heights. Yet none of us can do this alone. In broad strokes, this is where our next personality type comes in, the Builders.

Do you know people who love to create something from the ground up? They love solving problems and implementing solutions and are fairly practical people. You want Builders on your team so that they can take the Birther’s ideas and make them a reality, like the picture above. They’re often your special projects or implementation people. The Builder is the one who sees the plan, schedules the work, coordinates the different trades, and doesn’t try to install windows before the concrete is poured. They get their juice from seeing a project come to completion and feel a deep sense of satisfaction from this kind of work.

That said, Builders frequently don’t like the day-to-day activities of operations. Once the project is complete, they have little desire to maintain what they’ve helped create. If left on a project too long, Builders can start to tweak or deconstruct whatever has been created because they’re bored and want to see something new created.

A Builder’s skill set is beneficial for work that requires focused problem solving and project management and implementation for specific lengths of time, which adds value within almost any industry.

Questions to ponder:

● Who do I know who is a Builder, and what do I most appreciate about them?

● Am I harnessing the power of the Builders in my organization to get things done effectively and efficiently?

Stay curious friends!

P.S. Our podcast is live! We talk about these ideas and more to help you be your most authentic leader-self. You can find the Dream Big Authentic Leadership podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. Check it out today!

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