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Leaders Take Vacations

Last week my husband and I took a vacation. It was the first vacation we had taken together in seventeen years. Yep, 1-7 years. It’s been a while. We have lots of reasons that we haven’t gone anywhere together for longer than a weekend, but they’re just excuses.

As leaders, especially those that work on commissions or are appointment based, taking a vacation can be terrifying. The narrative can sound like this…What if I lose a potential client? What if I miss an urgent email or phone call? What will happen when my people can’t reach me for days? I’m going to miss out on so much money if I take time off. I know so-and-so is going to be mad and stop coming for his sessions.

The narrative can be painful. And our bossy minds are simply trying to keep us safe. But safe is comfortable. Comfort doesn’t spur growth or transformation, discomfort does. And rest can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Leaders need rest in lots of different ways. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational rest are SO important for us to be at our best. But we often short-change ourselves because we are afraid of the potential consequences of taking time off. Here are some benefits of rest you can remind yourself of when you hear that workaholic part of you getting ramped up:

  • When I intentionally rest, I work faster.

  • Rest helps me be a kinder and more compassionate person.

  • I am more effective when I am fully rested.

  • When I am rested I don’t see challenges, I see opportunities.

  • I am enthusiastic and energized about life when I am rested. 

What positive affirmations can you create to reprogram your brain to value rest?

Stay curious friends!

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