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Joy In Consistency

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As you look at the photo above, what comes to mind about the kind of person who would be great at working on a factory production line every day? What bubbles up for me is the people who thrive in this work environment would need to enjoy repetitive tasks, be dependable and consistent, and have an above average attention to detail.

This type of person is a Bopper. They are happy in consistently coming to work, doing the same set of tasks every day, and maintaining systems so the systems remain productive. They’re not necessarily change averse, but they appreciate consistency. Too many changes can make a Bopper uncomfortable and decrease their sense of satisfaction in their work. Also, don’t ask a Bopper to participate in a brainstorming session if you are anticipating making drastic changes to a process or procedure. The Bopper will frequently bring the conversation back to what is currently in place, because that’s what they care about most.

Boppers get their energy from having things run smoothly, knowing they contributed to their organization doing well. They are great at maintaining all sorts of things, whether schedules and calendars, reports, or equipment. They take pride in the high-quality work they provide within the department of which they’re a part and are a valuable asset in any organization.

Questions to ponder:

● What Boppers do I know, and what do I most appreciate about them?

● How am I as a leader bringing forth the best from all my people and providing opportunities to thrive?

● Which personality type am I (could be a combination) and who do I need to surround myself with to make the most of my organization?

Stay curious friends!

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