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It’s August Already!

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Anybody else surprised it’s August already? Simultaneously I feel like I got nothing done and a lot done in July. I finished and passed the trauma-informed coach certification that began in June. I filled in as a preacher for four weeks at three churches. I held all of my regularly scheduled appointments and gained a couple new clients.

I’ve had my head down, focusing on what needed to be accomplished that day, and I didn’t look very far forward. It was enough to look at the day’s calendar and plan accordingly. And just this weekend it occurred to me that I leave for vacation in less than three weeks and need to buy train tickets to get from Edinburgh to Oban! It will be my first trip out of the country since the ‘Rona, and I’m super stoked.

One of the things that comes up frequently in coaching conversations is the idea that we need something to look forward to, either as a reward or as a life necessity. Human beings are meaning-makers, which means that something in our lives (if it’s not our job or family) needs to give us satisfaction and fulfillment.

For me, that’s travel. I need to go places, see new things, and experience the world. Travel keeps me humble and connected, reminding me that my way of doing things isn’t the only way and that millions of people have journeyed before me and will follow me. Being able to travel is the gift I give myself for working hard and helping others.

Questions for wondering:

  • What do I have on my calendar that I’m looking forward to?

  • What activities give my life meaning?

  • Do I have enough meaning-making activities to keep me sustained and resilient? If not, what one change can I make this week to increase my wellbeing?

Stay curious friends!

And make sure you’re listening to season one of the Dream Big Authentic Leadership podcast, found on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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