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Two blue benches in a garden next to a building with colorful graffiti spelling the word "inspire."

This photo’s description on Meulemans’ Unsplash page is “blue wooden bench near wall with graffiti.” This might be the understatement of the day. I love this photo because it is surprising, rough, and refined at the same time. I love the color of the benches and find the “graffiti” captivating with its brilliant colors, bold design, and challenging message.

I’ve stared at this photo for several minutes, and would love a print of the graffiti on my office wall. Maybe you’re like me and forget that you live in a world filled with vibrant color. I get sidetracked in reports, obligations, and scheduling. I get overwhelmed by the seeming lunacy of our world. When I see photos and art like this, I am reminded, rather forcefully, that life is and can be beautiful and that I need to take a minute or seven to appreciate this beauty.

This photo, especially the wall art, reminds me that life doesn’t have to be a slog, buttoned up, or staid. Life can be full of aqua benches, giant flower print, and bold lettering reminding me that humans can be inspired and inspiring. We choose whether we live in black and white or color. We choose to live with boldness or hiding in the shadows. We choose whether to include inspiring things in our lives every day. We choose whether to be an inspiration.

Questions to ponder:

  • What inspires me?

  • How do I remember to live with boldness?

  • What reminders do I have in place to ensure I live an inspired life?

Stay curious friends!

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