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I'd Rather Not

I found this photo by searching “boredom” on I thought, “this pug is deeply unimpressed with the situation at hand” and then laughed. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to think that all of us go through periods of boredom. One random day we wake up and notice that we’re not enthusiastic about parts of our work or life.

Take writing this blog for example. My thought about writing it was “I’d rather not.” Lol. But I also know that writing, even if it’s a couple paragraphs, helps me sort through my thoughts and feelings. Writing also reminds me of and helps me focus on what’s important.

So I write. I do the things that seem boring because I know it helps my work and life. I hope that my attitude changes when I see what I’m accomplishing. As leaders we have a responsibility to set an example for those around us, and doing things even when we’d rather not sets a good example.

Our lives will never be 100% good times. Pushing through boredom is one of the ways we demonstrate integrity and remind ourselves of who we are.


  • Where in my life have I pushed through emotions such as boredom?

  • What did I learn about myself?

Stay curious friends!

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