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How Do I Know?

A tunnel stretching out into the distance; it is black with white rings evenly space in semicircles from the ground  around the tunnel, the ground and also dark, and the end of the tunnel opens into what might be star filled darkness

Photo by Jakob Søby on Unsplash

Last month I finished up a course on trauma-informed coaching. We learned two different ways of experiencing time, which can help us understand those around us and communicate with them more effectively. Which are you?

In-Time People:

  • Experience memories (and their associated feelings) as if they’re back at that past situation. It appears as if they are feeling the feelings from the past in the present moment.

  • Describe the past as behind them, the present as within them (and their bodies) and the future is in front of them. They can be fully present to “the now” and aren’t necessarily thinking about the future.

  • Are open-ended thinkers, having several different projects going at once, sometimes without concern for finishing.

Through-Time People

  • Experience memories (and their associated feelings) as if they’re watching them on a movie screen. It can seem like they’re an observer.

  • Describe the past as to their left and the future to their right, and all of it is in front of them for their viewing. Time is a continuum.

  • They are good at identifying steps that got them from their past to their present, and can identify steps to get them from their present to their desired future. They are planners.

Stay curious friends!

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