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Hard Things

A lined notebook with the date 10.4.21 on the top and the sentence "I can do hard things" written in blue script handwriting 10 times down the page.

Photo by Karen Weiss

I was writing in my journal last week and realized I needed the reminder that I can do hard things. September was a very busy month and as I headed into October, I felt like I didn’t have the energy to do what I needed to do.

So I wrote one affirmation ten times, repeating it in my head while writing it. When was the last time you used this technique to affirm something within you? It can seem silly, but I am grateful I found this tip in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” Whenever I need to remind myself of something of which I am capable, I write it down ten times. Here are some tips for creating your own affirmations:

  • Stated in the affirmative. Might seem obvious but an affirmation needs to be a positive statement of “I can” or “I do” or “I am.” Nots are not allowed!

  • Keep it short. A sentence with lots of phrases and verb tenses won’t be helpful and your mind won’t remember it. Keep it to five to ten words that you can rattle off quickly.

  • Make it meaningful. Affirmations need to connect with what’s important to us and what’s going on in our lives. When affirmations are emotionally relevant, they connect more deeply and help us that much more.

  • Write them down. Even if it’s on a scrap paper you throw away. Write the affirmation down ten times.

  • Say them out loud. It is powerful to hear ourselves say affirmations out loud, in our own voice.

Shoot us an email with your affirmations and how they help you navigate leadership and make the most of work and life!

Stay curious friends!

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