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Happiness This Way

One of the joys in my life is getting to work with all kinds of people who lead in various ways. I get to see how leadership is challenging and rewarding across the spectrum of business and industry and help leaders navigate a way forward that is authentic and purposeful.

One of the paths for growing in happiness (or contentment, joy, pick your adjective here) is the Enneagram personality type map for growth. The Enneagram (EN-ee-ah-gram) is a system that provides insight into our basic personalities while offering opportunities for growing out of our unhealthy behavior patterns.

Working with the Enneagram in coaching provides several benefits for the client:

  • Identify your most challenging inner obstacles

  • Practice looking at work and life from different perspectives

  • Gain insight into personality conflicts or frustrations

  • Choose goals that are authentic to your personality

  • Grow in self-awareness and self-compassion

Is 2023 your year for personal growth? Send us an email to schedule your free thirty-minute coaching session to see if Enneagram coaching is right for you!

Stay curious friends!

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