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Glad It's Not Bigger

Photo by Candi Foltz on Unsplash

My husband loves to feed the birds. Our small deck off the side entrance has become a buffet for birds of all kinds, including chickadees, titmouses, cardinals, towhees, and sparrows. We also have hummingbirds. A lot of hummingbirds. Last count was sixteen of them. We have three feeders that get filled every day or every other day.

These hummingbirds are aggressive. They dive bomb me as I’m pulling weeds or hanging laundry. They guard their preferred feeder against each other with chirps and aerial maneuvers that seem impossible. Pat and I joke that it’s a good thing they aren’t bigger. The world couldn’t handle a hummingbird the size of a turkey.

So often we talk about going bigger (the name of my coaching business is Dream Big after all…). And yet sometimes we need to keep things small.


  • What in my life is small, and I’m thankful for that?

  • What am I giving too much energy and it’s grown bigger than it needs to be?

Stay curious friends!

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