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Give Yourself Time to Breathe

Right now in the US, many of us are holding our breath. We are awaiting the vote counts and tabulations for who will become president in 2021. It’s a hard moment for leaders, since we’re invested in people and processes and know that some of our people will be hurting and/or scared once the final numbers are in.

As unlikely as it seems, now is the perfect time to focus on heart-noticing with courage and commitment. If you have a strong emotional reaction to something or someone…don’t brush it away or act on it. Sit with it. Reflect on it. Ask yourself,

· what is underneath the strong emotion?

· Are there other emotions that are with the strongest one?

· What about this situation or experience is causing me to react this way?

· To what in my past could this be connected?

· Does this experience remind me of something from my past that is unresolved? What can I do to let this go or heal?

These are all good starting questions to give your heart space to share its experience and let go of stale or unhelpful reactions. Often our hearts carry around who we used to be and hold fear and responsibility from this former person. Our hearts need time to heal, be sad, experience joy, and be enthusiastic so that we can be integrated and present human beings. Hearts only get this opportunity when we have white space in our schedules to listen to what our hearts have to say and acknowledge it.

Here's to you giving your heart space and time in the next week!

Stay curious friends!

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