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Find the Sizzle

I hope you enjoyed the series we did last month on conflict. If you missed it, go to and catch up!

As leaders, we work with all types of people that have tremendously different skill sets and potential. Part of being a leader is pulling out our people’s strengths and identifying the best jobs and tasks for them. This is great work when we’ve got them in our organization, but what about when we’re hiring (or looking for volunteers, clients, subcontractors, vendors, etc.)?

With the economy the way it is (in May 2021, creeping out of a pandemic), many businesses are hiring. As I drive around Central PA, I see signs all over indicating that companies are hiring and looking for good people. But what if the people you want aren’t looking for new job opportunities? What if they’re happy where they’re at and need some incentive to explore other options?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but do you (or your company) write the job posting for the kind of person you want to attract? Or are your job postings a list of tasks or duties to accomplish without much thought into the sizzle of what makes people tick? We need to sell the sizzle of the job opening in ways that tap into the motivation and strengths of the people we want to hire. No position is one size fits all, and we need to clearly articulate what kind of person we want before the first word is typed into the job description.

The next three weeks we’ll be discussing some of what makes people tick and thinking about how we can leverage their talents for their personal growth and company benefit.

So stay tuned and stay curious friends!

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