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Two hands gripping a rope, with a muscular arm showing. The person is about to climb up the rope.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to climb a rope. Not in gym class in elementary school, not when I trained for a sprint triathlon or half marathon, and not now. It’s one of those odd things that sticks with me, I’d venture you have these things too. If I had my way, I’d be able to climb a rope.

I train at a gym that has some seriously strong people at it. My trainer can deadlift almost 300 pounds, there’s a new trainer who has legs that might make God jealous, and there are lots of people who can climb a rope. I’ve seen them shimmy up the 25+ feet and it’s impressive.

None of these people have made me feel inferior or less than for the fact that I won’t even give the rope climb a try. That’s all in my head! And I make myself feel less than when I compare myself to others. When I see their best, I compare it to my worst, and then I make judgments about myself based on this unreasonable comparison.

Comparison is (one of) a leader’s worst enemy because it almost always makes us feel that we’re not enough. It creates a chasm between our effort and someone else’s result that is unbridgeable. In comparison we forget who we are, what our talents are, what we’re exceptional at, and for what success we’ve worked hard. We forget our authentic and true self and try to be someone we’re not.

Living into our “enoughness” takes practice and intentionality. We need to shake off the shameful messages we tell ourselves and speak who we really are. We are enough, just as we are, in this moment. Enough.

Breathe it in and out…”I am enough.”

Question to ponder:

  • In what aspect of my life do I need to live into more “enoughness”?

Stay curious friends!

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