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Energy Vampires

Yep, this photo has nothing to do with this Weekly Wondering! It surprised me how there are so few free photos of people in vampire costumes (like zero on Unsplash). Moving on…We often think of energy vampires as people who suck the life out of us for one reason or another. In my coaching work it seems like there’s been a trend that it’s not people, but work itself that has the potential to steal people’s joy.

There are many reasons why this could be, but one of the primary reasons appears to be that the workload and return on investment do not positively coincide. For humans to enjoy themselves, there must be some kind of emotional return. Whether it’s satisfaction, accomplishment, or something else, we need a compelling reason to continue doing what we’re doing.

Weekly Wondering:

  • What is my compelling reason for doing what I do?

  • How can I keep this at the front of my mind when things get uncomfortable (stressful, a slog, super unfun, etc.)?

Stay curious friends!

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