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Consistency Matters

White large piece of paper attached to a vision board with the word "Consistency" and year "2021" written in colorful script.

Photo by Karen Weiss

The picture above is from part of my vision board. Every year a word comes to me and I focus on it throughout the year. This year’s word is consistency. I thought it was odd at first, but then realized that to run two businesses, make time to rest and play, and be present to friends and family, I need consistency.

Through the past nine months I’ve been consistent in the positives of self-discovery, personal growth, and exercise. I’ve grown in self-awareness and am happier and emotionally healthier than I have ever been. When my spouse and I moved my office last week, I was pleasantly surprised how working out with a personal trainer consistently has really increased my strength and focus. I was a help, and not a hindrance on Friday!

In the past nine months I’ve also been consistent in negative ways, such as my mental stories around food, what I eat, and when I eat it. And beginning in September, I’ve become consistent in small, actionable, and timely ways of looking at and thinking about food differently. The most transforming thing I’ve done is stop using a food tracking app. It made me compulsively mean to myself, which is not awesome.

We all have things that we do consistently, that positively and negatively impact our lives. The most interesting thing that I’ve noticed by having my 2021 word be consistency is that I’m paying attention to where and how I’m consistent.

Many people come to coaching because they want to change a negative habit into a positive one. If you’re looking to change some of your behavior patterns to be more successful and consistent, coaching might be for you! Give us a call or send us an email to try a session for free!

Questions to ponder:

  • What positive things do I do consistently that I can celebrate today?

  • What unhelpful patterns do I have that I want to change?

  • How can I pay more attention to my habits and how they’re affecting my work and life?

Stay curious friends!

Make sure you’re listening to season one of the Dream Big Authentic Leadership podcast, found on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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