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Book Fun!

I love books. I like the feel of them in my hand and the possibility that lies within each work. Many people read to entertain, escape, and learn. Here are two series that I have been reading recently. They’re very different but very good in their own ways (and I think they come in audiobook!).

K.F. Breene’s Magical Midlife series (Magical Midlife Madness, Magical Midlife Dating, etc.) is about a woman who is selected by a magical house and grows into her powers. It’s a fantasy-romance series that has made me laugh out loud at the quirky and weird characters in the story.

Saul Hertzog’s Lance Spector series (The Asset, The Russian, etc.) is about CIA operatives and the hidden tug-of-war between the United States and Russia and how nothing is really ever as it seems.

Have a favorite book that you’ve read recently? We’re all ears and looking for recommendations, so please send them our way!

Stay curious friends!

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