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Background Noise

I live in a log home that has a coal stove in the kitchen. It puts out a tremendous amount of heat and basically heats our entire home. The “problem” if you can call it that, is that the heat can get stuck in the kitchen. So we have a fan in the kitchen and a fan in the living room to circulate the warm air.

Now that it’s spring, we’ve let the coal stove burn out and turned off the fans. It’s strange how quiet it is in the house now. No humming from the fans, no breeze as I sit at the kitchen table. I didn’t realize how used to the background noise I got until it went away.

It’s made me think about what else in my life is background noise that I can remove or turn off to get more quiet (my word for 2023). We all have those people, things, or situations that we allow in our lives but don’t help us reach our full potential. Maybe it’s time to cull, again.


  • What do I need to remove from (or add to) my life that will help me reach my full potential?

  • What is one action I can take to make it happen?

Stay curious friends!

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