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Asking Myself Questions

Photo by Karen Weiss

In my last blog I mentioned that Dream Big Coaching would be closed in July for renewal. It was brought to my attention this past month that “renewal” might not make sense to some.

Renewal leave is a way to recharge my batteries. As much as I enjoy the work I do, I am a person who needs significant time to be alone and reflect, and I don’t get that throughout the year. I usually go away, whether to a retreat house, rent an airbnb, or go out of the country. It’s primarily about rest and being open to perspective shifts.

This year, one of the things I chose to do was go to a workshop at the Rodale Institute. This workshop was led by Rob Bell, a former pastor and quirky creative who, through his work, has helped give legs to my ideas and ask different questions. There were about 30 of us gathered in a pavilion the first two days of July. Bell had conversations with each of us, asking questions about our questions and perspectives to help us discern and gain clarity about what we’re working on (in essence, Bell was coaching each one of us). I went mostly to hear the questions being asked of others, to see what blind-spots I have and what questions I might be afraid to ask myself.

I came away from those two days with a more expansive curiosity about my own life and how I want to live it. I’m still asking myself questions that came from the workshop (and will be for quite some time).


  • How do I put myself in situations that will expand my perspective or help me ask different questions?

  • How can I be more curious today?

Stay curious friends!

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