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After Trauma

Baby Yoda doll wrapped in a cozy brown sweater with After Trauma book by Ali Rothrock

Baby Yoda photo with After Trauma book by Ali Rothrock

It’s time for another book suggestion! And I’m recommending Ali Rothrock’s AfterTrauma: Lessons on Overcoming from a First Responder Turned Crisis Counselor.

I’m going to make the generalization that we’ve all experienced trouble and overwhelm over the past two and a half years from COVID. It’s been stressful in many different ways. And one of the ways that stress affects us is by having a lack of creativity in problem-solving. We can sometimes believe that we’re stuck, have no options, or that our situation or what happened to us will be the driving force of our lives forever.

As a coach, I believe that this victim or “woe is me” mentality holds us back individually and corporately. Rothrock’s book gives practical tips for how to move through traumatic events by not diminishing our stories and reframing our stories.*

And last I checked, this book is available at the State College Barnes & Noble. They had some signed copies too!

Happy reading and stay curious friends!

*Please know the first two chapters could be difficult to read. Keep going!

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